Favourite Sheet Masks

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Who does not love a great sheet mask? It’s easy – no need to mix anything up and make sure you get the consistency right; clean – no fingers for application and no fancy brushes needed then it get’t all over. It’s just the matter of taking it out, popping it on and the you have an excuse not to move from the sofa for the next 30-45 mins. No matter what the instructions say, I always leave the mask on for longer (as long as it’s not exfoliating or contains some other active ingredients that come with caution signs) and make sure I massage the leftover liquid in the sachet into my skin after removing the mask.

Here are my favourite masks at the moment:

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Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Sheet Mask – comes in a pack of 4. Simple, easy, moisturising mask. Key ingredient, as you could probably guess from the name, is hyaluronic acid and I definitely feel that my skin is feeling more hydrated after using it. I  try to apply it once a week.

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Missha Real Solutions Tencel Sheet Mask (Trylagen) – this one was a recent TK Maxx find and cheap as chips, I paid like £1.99 for 1. Having heard of this Korean brand form some skincare gurus of the internet, I knew it should not disappoint. It is essentially a hydrating, wrinkle diminishing mask which I really enjoyed using. Not too sure about the wrinkle diminishing, but hope it helps prevent them! I feel it did a little bit more than just hydrate – skin feels radiant(ish) and it’s something you can’t really go wrong for under £2!

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Skin Laundry Skin Radiance Facial Treatment Mask  – I got this one after my Skin Laundry treatment (I went to the one in Liberty in London) as recommended by the beauty therapist and priced at £8 per unit mask is actually great! Maybe it’s the combination of their facial, but I have used the mask like a month after the facial as well and it still did the job. It’a great pick me up – makes the pores appear smaller, overall skin look brighter and juicy.

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask  – now, these masks are such a splurge purchase but it’s totally worth it. If you have tried their Advanced Night Repair and you are a fan, you will love this and eve if you are not a fan, this still might be worth checking out. It’s this 2 part (you know the one for the top part of your face and one for the bottom part) foil mask which looks absolutely crazy on but feels just divine – it has this warming feeling (obviously the foil is keeping the heat in) and you can feel it working.. There is so much liquid left over in the sachet that I use it as serum for a few days after (just keeping the sachet sealed). After using it, the skin feels like it just had the facial. It’s definitely the most expensive out of the bunch but it has the most visible and the longest lasting results.

Thank you for reading!

What is your favourite mask out there?

Lots of love!