Self Care #4 Mind


We are our biggest enemies – that’s something we all probably heard before and can somewhat relate to. Self love is one of the aspects that help to keep your mind in check. But as well as that, there are some daily habits that can make a huge difference to your mood, outlook on life and relationships.

Practise gratitude – you can think of three things you are grateful for every morning first thing you wake up or even better – write them down in a gratitude journal or a gratitude app. And do the same in the evening – three or more great things that happened today and you feel grateful for. It’s great for your mind. To constantly remind yourself that we are surrounded by amazing things, people and opportunities

Meditate – or practise silence. There are so many different ways of doing it: guided meditation, chanting, eyes closed or open.. Pick one that you feel most comfortable with. I like the silent meditation, where you are trying to focus on your breath and clear your mind of any thoughts. It might sounds like some hippie thing you’re not really into, but once you get over that and give it a shot, it will be worth while. Just sit down comfortably, follow your breath and DO NOT THINK. It’s amazing how many thoughts will come to you at first. It’s like they rush to your mind at 100 mph and try to compete which one is going to make it first.. And once you try your best to sit still for these 10 minutes a day, it magically alleviates not only the mind chatter but has a multitude other proven benefits, like lower stress levels, better mood, sleep and etc.

Do you practise any of the above?

Thank you for reading.


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30 Days of Not Spending

How does it sound to you? Crazy? Scary? Fun? Have you done it already? I guess it’s a challenge everyone should try not only for saving purposes but to evaluate if the things we buy everyday are really that necessary. Like this daily trip to Pret(!?).

Choosing one or two categories that are on purchase ban should be a good place to start. Of course someone might be extreme/preapared enough not to spend anything at all. If I could go back  to my early teens summer time at grandma in the country side with abundance of fresh vegies, berries, chicken that lay eggs, cows that give fresh milk, I would go for a month of not spending a penny. But the reality is – we need to eat. And in a London flat with no garden (for a veggie patch) groceries spending is justifyable. However, my spending ban is on buying prepared meals aka covenient lunches, coffees and croisants on my way to work AND skincare/make up.

What I expect out of it is first and foremost prepare my own healthier breakfast and spend time enjoying it in the morning. Have my coffee whilst getting ready drinking it from a proper mug, not a paper one you get after an hour of commuting and waiting in line only for a trainee barista to ask you for a third time which one was it: a latte or a skinny cappucino (!?) and the end result is suspiciously not what you asked for but you just have it anyway. 

Skincare – I have more than enough but all these new products land on my bathroom shelf way too often to be fully used up. So, going back and rediscovering the products that you love but stopped using cause you bought new ones is a good way to shop your own stash!

To make things easier, need to unsubscribe from the beauty website emails (or maybe just delete unopened ones for a month..).

Wish me luck!

What are your thoughts?

Lots of love!