Things They Don’t Teach at School

Graduating from school was the best feeling ever. You’re on top of the world, exciting to leave this education institution that prepared you for life and all you want to do now is go and be a grown up. But then you go off to college/uni, move away from home and realise that you are such a novice at living life. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, amoeba reproduction and other random things you’ve learned and got A from the tests don’t matter anymore.. So you have to learn again. A few things I wish they thought as at school that would have made my adult life better:

  1. How to manage finances – do they ever mention how important it is to save money, to put aside certain percentage when you get paid? Or the negative impact overdraft and  maxed out credit card has on your credit rating? How APR is worked out and what it essentially means?!
  2. The importance of dreaming big – how not to settle for mediocracy and have dreams that scare you. And be brave enough to pursue them.
  3. Social skills – things to say in a job interview; how to participate in a conversation; how to meet the right people and things to never say to your boss in the pub .
  4. How to get over a loss/breakup – or the right way to break up with someone. Everyone looses someone in their life, so the stages of getting over it, or helping to cope should be essential and can help avoid going to therapy.
  5. The importance of self love – how worthy and special you are and how you should treat yourself with respect and don’t let anyone take advantage.
  6. Human/Animal rights – the importance of respecting every living being and that we are all the same and no one is better that anyone.
  7. How to tell that a guy/girl is NOT right for you – the one that says all the right things but never does the right things.
  8. How to be grateful – and the importance of practising it.
  9. How to care for the environment – the impact plastic bottles, diapers, meat industry  has on climate change.
  10. How to defend yourself – especially for women, a few good moves in a PE class would go a long way..

What are the things you wish they thought you at school?

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love!



Haircare Problems

The subject of hair care is so old.. But I feel there is still so much to learn about it, at least for me. Having quite fine, pin straight hair volume is what I would aim for. But although adding volume is quite high on that hair priority list, I find that the top spot is taken by an ongoing quest to find the right shampoo.

There is so much choice, so many opinions and so many price points… Surely, having years of hair washing experience and an abundance of products on offer, I could have found at least a few good shampoos..


But that’s not the case! Desperation levels rise up with every new bottle purchased. The main issues are:

Organic ones – they are supposed to be good for you, but why do they leave an unmanageable mess on my head, give me all sorts of scalp issues and either leave hair looking dry and damaged or oily and even finer! Doesn’t matter which end of organic shampoo I tried – from Avalon Organics to Josh Rosebrook (with John Masters Organics and Leonor Greyl in between) the results are just not great…

Non organic – ingredients issue, I know that they are not good for me: silicones, parabens, sulfates, etc.. And they do not make my hair look that great either. But then – is it better to walk around trying to resist the need to desperately scratch your head (sexy right!?) and making sure not to wear black cause all this flakiness is the opposite of what I want to tell with my outfit..

So the struggle is real and although I am keeping positive, trying to concentrate on drugstore options for the time being so I don’t have multiple bottles of £££ shampoos collecting dust on the bathroom shelf.

Better save for that designer bag that’s on my wishlist🙌 Nice bag is a good distraction from not so nice hair, right?