Realistic Luxury Shoe Wishlist

Realistic wishlist because as much as can lust after sky high stilettos, it would be the most irrational decision to purchase numerous pairs and it would be even more irrational not to wear them. However, daily commute in London is definitely not stiletto friendly, although once in a while when I see a woman strutting down the tube platform in stilettos I highly admire her. However, daily train, tube and bus rides require appropriate foot wear and to be honest, now I wish I never wore Nike as it’s so so hard to go back, every time I wear something else, it just does not feel the same. However, that being said, I am very grateful that Nike makes pretty trainers that I wear and that my workplace allows trainers and jeans.

That being said, I feel like everyone now is obsessed with Gucci everything and no wonder cause they are bringing out amazing things. So, there are going to be a lot of Gucci pairs.


So so comfortable, you cannot really beat them, unless on a hot summer days when flip flops are the only logical option.

Balenciaga Race Runners – stunning trainers, love how structured they look
Gucci Ace – there are so so many awesome prints to chose from and they are all amazing
Nike Air Max Thea – a very sleek pair


There were some stunning flat releases recently and I especially love the slip ons and how easy and simple they look.

Stunning Prada
The chicest slip on there ever was
Jimmy Choo really cute flats
Jimmy Choo – velvet flats
These Gucci slip ons they are too pretty to walk in, just want to stare at them all day
And the same with these Gucci rose embroidered stunning slip ons


The comfy heel that just helps to elongate the legs that little bit more but is still very wearable everyday. And again it’s Gucci..

Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, love the heel detail
Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, those pearls on the GG!


As mentioned, heels is not something I would invest in as my cost per wear on them would be ridiculous. However, that being said, I still can appreciate a stunning looking pair and at the moment there Gucci sandals in metallic pink is perfection.

Gucci Sandals in Metallic pink

So those are my realistic pairs of shoes that I am lusting over recently, let me know which pair is your favourite.

Thank you for reading!

Lost of Love!

The Shirt Trend

Good shirt can save a bad day. And a bad shirt can definitely ruin a good one. However, finding a good one can be a bit of a challenge main reason being, that I have a bust. Not a massive one, but a sizable D cup and some shirts make me look a bit like a balloon, that’s why I am always looking for that perfect form flattering silhouette and fit.

The embroidered shirt trend that started last year and the deconstructed shirts, that are a bit more interesting than the straight up off the shoulder are so much more appealing. I think the corset belt is very flattering and allows to accentuate the waist, something that get’s lost when you are wearing a loose top and have a bigger bust.

So here are the faves of the moment, I must admit, H&M is the shop of choice and Net-A- Porter is the shop of inspiration.


This Zara piece has been trending for a while and I have seen people wear it which would normally put me off, but I still really love it. It’s the placement of the embroidery and colours that definitely does it for me.

The H&M beautiful embroidered blouse is so so pretty and I love the darker colour. It’s really versatile and suits more occasions and the big sleeves are super cute  .

The Current Air shirt on Asos – is plain from the front but the back slogan embroidery makes it a little bit more interesting. I can imagine wearing it on holiday or on a weekend when you want to look cute.


So, the above is what I mean by H&M being a shop of choice. I love almost every top they brought out and light blue is the colour of the moment for me… Really like this one with the bow at the back which accentuates the waist, the tie detail is nice and it’s totally up to you how to tie it at the back.

This silk and cotton blend blouse  – love the material and the look of this relaxed top which seems perfect for warm summer days or evening tucked in high waisted jeans with high heels.

The white cotton blouse – makes things more interesting with the side buttoning and the wrap around belt.



Net-A-Porter – the website full of inspiration. This Jacquemus shirt even being of the shoulders is not that revealing and I love a little v neck details and those sleeves are amazing.

Madewell – pinstripe tie at the front shirt is super cute and interesting taking that plain shirt and upgrading it a little bit.

Frame – classic pajama silhouette but the pattern makes it a little bit more wearable although still different and bold.


Let me know what you think and what are your favourite blouses and shirts.

Lots of love!

Luxury Handbags Wishlist 2017

One of the things on my 2017 vision board is a nice designer hand bag. Beautiful handbag is one of those things that instantly lifts your mood and your outfit. It’s so much easier than cloths. Sometimes when you lust after an item of clothing and finally get to put it on, it looks nothing like you’ve imagined and just ruins your mood and does not help your self esteem either. Bags on the other hand, you don’t have to fit in them, they are just so pretty and although cost a fortune, if bought wisely, can be sold later on and you can get your money back for them (or at least some of the amount). All this aside, there are quite a few bags that made it to my wishlist. They are very different but I realise I need a bigger one, that would fit quite a few things in (my lunch ideally). However that being said, I just tried to go from the biggest size down, but mainly just picked every pretty bag and there are many many pretty bags..


I love a pretty backpack, all that hands free and painless shoulder thing and on top of that so many designers have brought out so so many beautiful back packs that it’s really so hard to choose, I just basically love them all.

Displaying image2.jpeg
This Fendi Beauty
Fendi mini flower appliqué backpack ($2,740) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring bags, backpacks, blue, flat backpack, leather backpack, colorful backpacks, genuine leather backpack and fendi backpack:
And this one!

Displaying image3.jpeg

Gucci one has very cool chain straps
Displaying image4.jpeg
Dreamy dreamy Chloe

Valentino - Tan Stone & Rockstud Guitar Backpack

Valentino - Tan Stone & Rockstud Guitar Backpack
This Valentino is a dream come true, the details and the straps!!
I love the shape and the simplicity of this LV backpack


This category just has to house all the beautiful a little bit bigger bags and although Celine Belt Bag and Gucci Dionysus are probably hardly comparable in size it’s all about being selective about the things you carry around. Ideally I would love one bigger bag for the days when you have to take your laptop and a notepad and a smaller one for when you don’t have to take the kitchen sink with you.

Displaying image8.jpeg
An absolute stunner – Celine Belt bag, love the structure and the simplicity
Displaying image11.jpeg
This colour and grainy texture adds something special to this Gyvenchy Antigona
Gucci Dionysus – a classic that I have been lusting after since it first came out
ShopStyle Collective:
Gucci Sylvie seriously pretty simple but very special bag
LV Pouchette Metis – love the two tone version
monogram large grained chain bag by Saint Laurent. Gracefully patterned chevron stitching creates the character of a sleek shoulder style in an envelope silhouette. Sho...:
YSL Monogram Envelope Satchel – Such a pretty classic


Displaying image13.jpeg
Bvlgari Serpenti – amazing amazing evening or all occasion bag
Displaying image2.JPG
Valentino Rockstud Quilted bag – much prefer this one to the original rockstud


Gucci Marmont WOC 


The list could go on and on but I had to restrain myself from posting like 200 bags that I love. I really hope this year one or two of the above beauties will make it into my closet. Let me know what is your favourite or most lusted after designer bag! I am always open to adding more to my ever growing handbag list!

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Love!!