Personal Promise to Myself

Love yourself. Really, what does that even mean?

Until this vague term decides to emerge and fully explain itself in my head, I promise myself to do the following in order to feel better and be better.

However tired, stressed, late, moody, unhappy or fearful I am, I promise myself to meditate daily. Even if it’s not perfect – my mind wanders off and feels sorry for myself, I have to dedicate the time to TRY and help my current state by meditating every day.

Write/dream – describe my dreams in writing and read them, have a proper, full-on image of my ideal day, ideal relationship and ideal me. Replay this in my mind before bed. Every night. As an escape, as a form of therapy, as a form of manifestation.

Repeat to myself that, this too shall pass (not in a teary-eyed weak way, but in a certain and trusting state that, it’s not perfect now, but it will be better). I matter. I am supported. I have a purpose. I am significant. I am enough. 

Eat well. Fresh, unprocessed food, drink water and take my vitamins.

Smile, make a power stance and repeat to myself what I said above.

Talk to people. Ask for help when I need it.

Move my body. Every day. In a way that feels nice.

Acknowledge my emotions and be gentle with myself. No Negative Self Talk.

As I read the above, I realise this is level 1 to the whole complicated subject of this so-called self-love. Setting boundaries, listening to my intuition, stopping self-sabotage and all the other more advanced inner workings will come with time. For now – the above is the objective.

I pray God will give me the strength to follow through.

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