Current Skincare Wishlist

I love skincare and I blame the wonderful Caroline Hirons and Anna for that. It gets so bad sometimes that I need to order the packages to work and then secretly place the product on a bathroom shelf so the fiancé does not have to witness another package and can save his eye rolls for another occasion..

However, as I am trying to make sure I buy wisely and do loads of research beforehand that gives a bit more reassurance (who wants to spend £100 on a serum and have a reaction to it). I think I do know my skin by now and can tell what products would potentially work.

So, skincare is something I am always lusting after and here are a few of the current items (I know some of them are extortion but one can dream!)


I have been wanting to try those for quite sometime now and I think Ceramic Slip might be the next one I am going to try leaving May Lindstrom and Tata Harper for the future. Is it weird that they are all made my women? (Sunday May and Tata!)


Sprays and hydrating sprays are such a treat but sometimes (or even vey often) can be on a pricey side..  The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist is so tempting and I have heard many people rave about it and the name though.. The Jasmine Garden, I can imagine the smell and jasmine is one of my favourite smells on earths.. Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, that would be like a dream, I can already imagine it, but the price though..


Treatment/Serum is the step that will help/prevent any issues and I love vitamin C, this Zelens one does seem to be great quality. Vintner’s Daughter – is such a pricey and praised item, apparently it’s like an editing app filter for your face! who does not want some of that?! Luna – is definitely making it’s way on my bathroom’s shelf, I have been looking to start using a gentle retinol and this one sounds right up my street.


Eye cream is very important to me. The way my faces creases when I smile is going to leave  expression lines around my eyes and I will try to prevent it as long as I can. Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream seems to be the one most likely to be purchased first. I love the sound and the combination of the ingredients. Tata’s one is great and Caroline Hirons is apparently using this one in her treatments. Zelens’ again seems to be potent agains wrinkles and that’s something I look for in an eye cream.


Moisturisers – I am not really fussed about as long as they do not contain shea butter high up on the ingredient list and do not clash with my foundation in a sense that one is silicone based and another one is water based and they start pilling..worst thing ever!

Thank you for reading, let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love!


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