Realistic Luxury Shoe Wishlist

Realistic wishlist because as much as can lust after sky high stilettos, it would be the most irrational decision to purchase numerous pairs and it would be even more irrational not to wear them. However, daily commute in London is definitely not stiletto friendly, although once in a while when I see a woman strutting down the tube platform in stilettos I highly admire her. However, daily train, tube and bus rides require appropriate foot wear and to be honest, now I wish I never wore Nike as it’s so so hard to go back, every time I wear something else, it just does not feel the same. However, that being said, I am very grateful that Nike makes pretty trainers that I wear and that my workplace allows trainers and jeans.

That being said, I feel like everyone now is obsessed with Gucci everything and no wonder cause they are bringing out amazing things. So, there are going to be a lot of Gucci pairs.


So so comfortable, you cannot really beat them, unless on a hot summer days when flip flops are the only logical option.

Balenciaga Race Runners – stunning trainers, love how structured they look
Gucci Ace – there are so so many awesome prints to chose from and they are all amazing
Nike Air Max Thea – a very sleek pair


There were some stunning flat releases recently and I especially love the slip ons and how easy and simple they look.

Stunning Prada
The chicest slip on there ever was
Jimmy Choo really cute flats
Jimmy Choo – velvet flats
These Gucci slip ons they are too pretty to walk in, just want to stare at them all day
And the same with these Gucci rose embroidered stunning slip ons


The comfy heel that just helps to elongate the legs that little bit more but is still very wearable everyday. And again it’s Gucci..

Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, love the heel detail
Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, those pearls on the GG!


As mentioned, heels is not something I would invest in as my cost per wear on them would be ridiculous. However, that being said, I still can appreciate a stunning looking pair and at the moment there Gucci sandals in metallic pink is perfection.

Gucci Sandals in Metallic pink

So those are my realistic pairs of shoes that I am lusting over recently, let me know which pair is your favourite.

Thank you for reading!

Lost of Love!

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