The Shirt Trend

Good shirt can save a bad day. And a bad shirt can definitely ruin a good one. However, finding a good one can be a bit of a challenge main reason being, that I have a bust. Not a massive one, but a sizable D cup and some shirts make me look a bit like a balloon, that’s why I am always looking for that perfect form flattering silhouette and fit.

The embroidered shirt trend that started last year and the deconstructed shirts, that are a bit more interesting than the straight up off the shoulder are so much more appealing. I think the corset belt is very flattering and allows to accentuate the waist, something that get’s lost when you are wearing a loose top and have a bigger bust.

So here are the faves of the moment, I must admit, H&M is the shop of choice and Net-A- Porter is the shop of inspiration.


This Zara piece has been trending for a while and I have seen people wear it which would normally put me off, but I still really love it. It’s the placement of the embroidery and colours that definitely does it for me.

The H&M beautiful embroidered blouse is so so pretty and I love the darker colour. It’s really versatile and suits more occasions and the big sleeves are super cute  .

The Current Air shirt on Asos – is plain from the front but the back slogan embroidery makes it a little bit more interesting. I can imagine wearing it on holiday or on a weekend when you want to look cute.


So, the above is what I mean by H&M being a shop of choice. I love almost every top they brought out and light blue is the colour of the moment for me… Really like this one with the bow at the back which accentuates the waist, the tie detail is nice and it’s totally up to you how to tie it at the back.

This silk and cotton blend blouse  – love the material and the look of this relaxed top which seems perfect for warm summer days or evening tucked in high waisted jeans with high heels.

The white cotton blouse – makes things more interesting with the side buttoning and the wrap around belt.



Net-A-Porter – the website full of inspiration. This Jacquemus shirt even being of the shoulders is not that revealing and I love a little v neck details and those sleeves are amazing.

Madewell – pinstripe tie at the front shirt is super cute and interesting taking that plain shirt and upgrading it a little bit.

Frame – classic pajama silhouette but the pattern makes it a little bit more wearable although still different and bold.


Let me know what you think and what are your favourite blouses and shirts.

Lots of love!

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