Self Care #3 Love

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We all love love. This human emotion is important for our core existence – it’s where we come from and what we look for throughout our lives. I think women generally are expected to be more loving creatures than men, however, when it comes to self love, I think it’s something we should practice everyday. Taking this extra time for ourselves to fill our cup full so people around us could feel it more and we can accept it back in return.

Taking little time out everyday to do something that make you happy can really go a long way, however, it might be a little. confusing where to start. I try and follow the below steps to help me get into self loving mode.

Identify what really makes you happy

I did struggle with this one, cause I was like, well, I do things that make me happy, like watch some TV, chill, have chocolate.. But we should take time to think about what really makes us happy. For example things that used to  make us happy or things that we used to do a lot and stopped for some reason. It might be that dancing class you took at school and stopped when went to uni, or reading books, but now you just don’t seem to find time for that. It can be anything, even something like burning candles that you stopped doing because your other half doesn’t like them. It does not have to be a long list, a thing or two to start with.

Start incorporating those things into your daily life 

It might be a bit of a chore at first, like: you sign up for a class and then you have to make time for it, or you start reading a book and it’s just not as grabbing as let’s say scrolling down somebody’s Instagram feed. The rewards always come slowly and you just have to tell your mind that this is something really good for you and you love doing it.


Then, it’s just about sticking to whatever you chose to do for yourself, like sticking to taking your time to do your skincare routine in the evening, or putting make up on because that makes a positive impact on your day. It’s much like exercise, it’s hard at first, but you keep coming back to it, cause it makes you feel awesome.

And above all, STOP negative self talk

Be really nice to yourself, and make it a priority. Would you say things that you say to yourself when you look in a mirror to your closest friend (put those nasty friends who say mean things aside, they are not real friends and they need to chill out) and think about your nearest and dearest. You wouldn’t say stuff like: oh I wish your skin was clearer, I wish your legs were longer, you have these crooked ugly teeth, your hair is awful today. So you should stop saying this to yourself. It’s million times better to look in a mirror and repeat the words of the greatest Muhammad Ali, say to yourself that you are beautiful. And then add: I LOVE myself and I meant it.

Lots of love!

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