Self Care #2 Yoga

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am no yogi, neither can I bust a decent elegant Instagram worthy flow. However, yoga, is the only form of exercise that I have not hated (maybe except that one time when I tried the Scorpion and failed miserably). It’s really versatile form of exercise and you can begin where you’re comfortable and find specific flows for specific concerns, like head ache for example. It does good to your mind and to your body. Although all exercise is extremely good for the mind, I find that yoga is peaceful whereas when I’m going for a run, first 15 minutes I end up hating it, there is that initial stage where you want to get it over with and then you can feel amazing. Yoga practice makes you feel amazing while you are doing it.

I have been absolutely loving Adriene from Youtube Chanel Yoga with Adriene. She has some 30 day practices which are great if you want more of a structured routine as well as yoga for any other concern (yoga for menstrual cramps anyone?). Her personality is contagious: witty, relaxed, not intimidating and I love the fact she does not take herself too seriously.


I also really enjoy Tara Style’s book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga (the title though..).It has some amazing flows and teaches you how to do each position in great detail, but it’s not at all over detailed neither too complicated. All flows can be done in like  minutes.


What’s your favorite yoga person out there?

Thank you for reading.

Much Love!

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