Personal Promise to Myself

Love yourself. Really, what does that even mean?

Until this vague term decides to emerge and fully explain itself in my head, I promise myself to do the following in order to feel better and be better.

However tired, stressed, late, moody, unhappy or fearful I am, I promise myself to meditate daily. Even if it’s not perfect – my mind wanders off and feels sorry for myself, I have to dedicate the time to TRY and help my current state by meditating every day.

Write/dream – describe my dreams in writing and read them, have a proper, full-on image of my ideal day, ideal relationship and ideal me. Replay this in my mind before bed. Every night. As an escape, as a form of therapy, as a form of manifestation.

Repeat to myself that, this too shall pass (not in a teary-eyed weak way, but in a certain and trusting state that, it’s not perfect now, but it will be better). I matter. I am supported. I have a purpose. I am significant. I am enough. 

Eat well. Fresh, unprocessed food, drink water and take my vitamins.

Smile, make a power stance and repeat to myself what I said above.

Talk to people. Ask for help when I need it.

Move my body. Every day. In a way that feels nice.

Acknowledge my emotions and be gentle with myself. No Negative Self Talk.

As I read the above, I realise this is level 1 to the whole complicated subject of this so-called self-love. Setting boundaries, listening to my intuition, stopping self-sabotage and all the other more advanced inner workings will come with time. For now – the above is the objective.

I pray God will give me the strength to follow through.

5 Months on a Plant Based Diet



The 1st of August marked the 5 months since I have stopped consuming animal products. Looking back on the journey so far, there were a few discoveries made and lessons learnt, so I thought I’ll share a few things that might be of some value to you.


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First and foremost, knowing and reminding yourself why you are doing this is very important. For me, it was a health condition – realising that things are not working as they are and some major changes are needed. I have heard about the benefits of a plant based diet before but somehow did not think it was my kind of thing. That afternoon at the doctors gave me motivation and the reason why. Knowing why you are doing this, is at the core of change. Cause if you don’t know WHY it’s always going to be that one night when everybody’s having Domino’s or that one person who says oh com’on one burger means nothing anyway or you deserve this tub of Haagen Dazs and you just cave in. But knowing your WHY is what keeps you going, gives you that higher purpose and the reason behind you sticking to your choice. It is different for everyone and it might be personal, health or ethical reasons or maybe all of them but it’s important to have the reason for doing this.


Preparation is key. Experimenting is also key – being open to trying new things. You can actually eat so much and it is important to eat. Vegetables are, in general, lower in calories than animal products and you will need to have bigger portions to feel satiated and make sure you meet your caloric needs. I have been making sure to eat big portions and eat until I am full. The main discovery for me was the number of different varieties of BEANS there are in this world (who knew?!) and that some of them taste much better than others. It’s important to have complex carbs and not limit yourself to having salads only. Beans, potatoes (all different variates), brown rice, mushrooms, quinoa, chia seeds, buckwheat, lentils, rice noodles, tofu, tempeh and I could go on and on. Instagram is a great source of vegan meal inspirations and the key is to try and make all different foods, make sure to season your food, experiment with dressings and you will see how this type of cooking opens your eyes to a whole new way of eating.


Going out was probably the hardest to figure out, and I am definitely still learning all the above mentioned points as well but one good thing is you will probably be less tempted to go out as the food you prepare at home will taste so great, you will not want (or trust) the food that’s not been prepared by you, however, all the places you go, there is a high chance they already have vegan meal on the menu or if not, you can veganise it – ask to take the dressing out, take cheese out, etc. With a little more thought, planning and research it is definitely doable (I managed to have vegan meals in places like Wendy’s and Nando’s).

And finally, the positives I have seen in the past 5 months:

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Skin – I have actually had the clearest skin in years, no more hormonal breakouts on the chin, jaw line and/or forehead.

Bloating – significantly reduced (even eating more beans, does not give you gas, if you eat them consistently, something to do with the right type of bacteria building up in your gut that helps not only digest the beans but also improves your overall health in various different ways).

Energy – I did experience increase in energy overall as well as the disappearance of the sluggish feelings after meals even after consuming carb based meals twice a day.

Weight – steady and slow weight loss even though my portions were huge for the past five months.

Money – it does work out cheaper. For example – a bag of beans is £1.50 and you’re good for a week, rather than spending £15 on salmon.

Overall, there is still a lot to learn through trial and error, but the below resources have been an immense help. Plant based diet is definitely something to try if you suffer from any ailment as the evidence is eye opening and promising. I encourage you to find your motivation, your WHY and give it a try.


The China Study by Dr Colli T Campbell

The Cheese Trap by Dr Neil D Barnard

How Not To Die by Dr Michael Greger

Thank you so much for reading, please share your thoughts!


New Skincare Bits and a Repurchase

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I was running low on a few skincare essentials and since website was doing a gift with purchase, I decided to order a few bits that I needed and check out the gift.

The repurchased item is Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, which is definitely a no brainer, brilliant cleanser which just does the job. I try to always have it even if I am trying something new this is the one I would always go back to and for £18 you cannot really go wrong here. Then their new Vitamin Wake Up mist I have run out of Josh Rosebrook one and since I love Pixi Skintreats I thought I will give it a go as the ingredients list looked very appealing. I also picked up this Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, this is my first ever try from Paula’s Choice but immediately what I did not like is that the tube was not sealed. Being a Vit C serum I would have expected a sealed tube. I have emailed Lookfantastic customer service and will see what they say, but for now, I’ll how I’ll get on with it, not a fan that it feels so silicony, I don’t mind a bit of a slip, but this one is just a bit much.

As for the gift with purchase – it came with a full size The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA, tiniest (5ml) This Works Sleep Deep Pillow Spray, Bloom and Blossom Revitilasing Leg and Foot Spray and Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara. Not really fussed about this gift at all to be honest and at a glance nothing really seems to stand out but let’s see maybe I’ll be surprised.

And the final new item – was actually a gift and it’s a generous 100 ml of one of my favourite perfumes – Tom Ford Black Orchid. I love this fragrance.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love!

DIY Manicure

It feels very therapeutic to take timeout to do your nails. However, it might as well be quite stressful if you mess it up seconds after doing them. The key is probably finding the right products to address whatever is causing you to stray away from doing your nails to turn this ritual into a positive, relaxing experience


Here is how I have been doing my nails recently, I know it’s not perfect and I never remove the cuticles and try to keep the shape more or less even, but don’t really obsess over it, it’s just too much hassle, but I always make sure to apply base coat and a top coat and if one nail breaks, then I have to file all of them to the more or less even length.


I start removing whatever left over nail polish I might have on and filing the nails to achieve a uniform shape. Even if I don’t have nail polish I make sure to go over the nails with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, to get rid of any oils, residue, etc that can hinder the longevity of the nail colour. I find that his step preps the nail and somewhat helps to go that extra day chip free. My nail polish removed of choice is any acetone free and Cutex is the one I go for, because it does the job without drying the nails too much.


The base coat. It is very important to not only help the colour stick better, it protects the nails from going yellow (from wearing too much dark polish), conditions, strengthens and prolongs the colour. The one I am currently using is this Nails Inc primer/ridge filler which also doubles up as a natural nail polish if you apply 2 coats which is a good option when you want to skip steps 3 and 4.


Nail colour – any really, I have no preference over any brand, some brushes are a bit ore convenient than others but essentially they all do the job, so I just pick the colour I like and I never apply more or less than 2 coats. This Revlon colour is supposed to be scented but I honestly couldn’t care less if it is, I would never smell my nails and the only thing I was drawn to was the colour and this cute bottle.


Top coat – this step is the most important. Gone are the days where you have to sit for 30 minutes after painting. I really liked the Sally Hansen Insta Dry and repurchased it multiple times, but now I am using the Seche Vite Dry  and it is equally good if not better. The top coat was such a game changer for me. It actually encourages me to do my nails, especially when you are good to go almost immediately after applying that top coat.


Cuticle oil and hand cream is very important. Especially if you have dry skin and we all tend to have dry hands in winter especially.

What are your tips for best DIY manicure?

Lots of Love!

Current Skincare Wishlist

I love skincare and I blame the wonderful Caroline Hirons and Anna for that. It gets so bad sometimes that I need to order the packages to work and then secretly place the product on a bathroom shelf so the fiancé does not have to witness another package and can save his eye rolls for another occasion..

However, as I am trying to make sure I buy wisely and do loads of research beforehand that gives a bit more reassurance (who wants to spend £100 on a serum and have a reaction to it). I think I do know my skin by now and can tell what products would potentially work.

So, skincare is something I am always lusting after and here are a few of the current items (I know some of them are extortion but one can dream!)


I have been wanting to try those for quite sometime now and I think Ceramic Slip might be the next one I am going to try leaving May Lindstrom and Tata Harper for the future. Is it weird that they are all made my women? (Sunday May and Tata!)


Sprays and hydrating sprays are such a treat but sometimes (or even vey often) can be on a pricey side..  The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist is so tempting and I have heard many people rave about it and the name though.. The Jasmine Garden, I can imagine the smell and jasmine is one of my favourite smells on earths.. Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, that would be like a dream, I can already imagine it, but the price though..


Treatment/Serum is the step that will help/prevent any issues and I love vitamin C, this Zelens one does seem to be great quality. Vintner’s Daughter – is such a pricey and praised item, apparently it’s like an editing app filter for your face! who does not want some of that?! Luna – is definitely making it’s way on my bathroom’s shelf, I have been looking to start using a gentle retinol and this one sounds right up my street.


Eye cream is very important to me. The way my faces creases when I smile is going to leave  expression lines around my eyes and I will try to prevent it as long as I can. Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream seems to be the one most likely to be purchased first. I love the sound and the combination of the ingredients. Tata’s one is great and Caroline Hirons is apparently using this one in her treatments. Zelens’ again seems to be potent agains wrinkles and that’s something I look for in an eye cream.


Moisturisers – I am not really fussed about as long as they do not contain shea butter high up on the ingredient list and do not clash with my foundation in a sense that one is silicone based and another one is water based and they start pilling..worst thing ever!

Thank you for reading, let me know your thoughts.

Lots of love!


Daily Tools for Better Life

I love to imagine myself as one of those cool people who sit in a cafe and type away on their laptops sipping a cup of coffee. When taking a break from the laptop they open one of their fancy, cool looking diaries or planners and tick off things on a to do list.. That’s the picture I have been fascinated with for years, buying new diaries come every new year and of course, not using them. Then, every year end just end up throwing them out and promising myself the next year will be different and what actually happens is that my new pretty diary collects dust month after month.

Image via Pinterest

I realise the solution is not to buy a better diary every year but perhaps having enough self disciple to actually use one. However, it often feels quite overwhelming looking at the blank page and not knowing what to do with it. Plan out my day, plan my year, plan my moods, make a to do list.. Where does one start implementing these new things they want to achieve? Too many options and too many scattered ideas that never get seen through.

However, this year one of the things I definitely wanted to do is to get more structure into my day and was looking for means to do so. And although the task of planning out your days/weeks does indeed look daunting, it actually gets easier once you start. And the thing is, if you’re like me, and postpone planning because you want to use a certain pen or want to write but are not sure if your handwriting is nice enough for the notebook (I have those though all the time..) just remember that this diary/notebook/planner is here to serve YOU, not the other way around. So take this as an opportunity to experiment and learn about what works for you.

I have been using 3 tools for the past few months: two notebooks and an app. Might seem a bit excessive for someone who could not use 1 diary, but it’s like having different shoes for different occasions, you need more than one.. Hear me out:

First thing is a plain notebook that I use during my morning routine and I write in it for 5 to 10 minutes. What gets written depends on my mood and circumstances, I try and make it as positive as possible, so it would be an abstract combination of affirmations, things I want to achieve and a prayer. I try and fill a page of an A5 notebook and find that once all these positive thoughts and intentions are on paper, it’s somehow more real and sets a tone for a better day.

Then, the 5 Minute Journal App, I have set a reminder for the app on my phone which I try and fill out after I make my coffee in the morning. It’s essentially a gratitude journal in an app form: you fill it out in the morning: 3 things you’re grateful for, 3 things that will make today great and an intention for the day; and in the evening (I do it as a last thing before turning the lights off): 3 amazing things that happened today and 1 thing how you could have made today better. It’s really great, helps to carry the momentum from filling out the notebook and define the things I will focus on that particular day and it’s a great closure for the day as it kind of sets the tone for the following morning.

And last but not least it’s the Dear Diary planner. This year as every year, I was looking the prettiest diary, the only difference is that I am actually using it! (tap on the back for myself for that.) The planner itself is beautiful. But most importantly, it’s a structured system for achieving your goals. It has week to view but as well as that, little boxes to tick to track your habits and set out the goals for the week. There are little perks at the end of every week – a weekly overview and (something you could find in a glossy magazine) useful tips, recipes, or general insight into a topic. And I LOVE that, it makes me look forward to completing the whole week so I get a little reward Sunday evening when looking back on the past week and planning out the next one.

I scan over it in the morning while having breakfast after I am done with my gratitude app to make sure I have all my personal to do things in it and to start off a productive day. I make sure to tick off the habits that I have been sticking to and goals I have achieved every evening.

The great thing is, the system is actually working. And for someone who is obsessing over the right handwriting and spelling, get this erasable pen from Amazon, so you can erase the mistake(s) and keep the tidy looking journal.

Let me know what works for you and how to you keep on top of your day?

Lots of Love!























Realistic Luxury Shoe Wishlist

Realistic wishlist because as much as can lust after sky high stilettos, it would be the most irrational decision to purchase numerous pairs and it would be even more irrational not to wear them. However, daily commute in London is definitely not stiletto friendly, although once in a while when I see a woman strutting down the tube platform in stilettos I highly admire her. However, daily train, tube and bus rides require appropriate foot wear and to be honest, now I wish I never wore Nike as it’s so so hard to go back, every time I wear something else, it just does not feel the same. However, that being said, I am very grateful that Nike makes pretty trainers that I wear and that my workplace allows trainers and jeans.

That being said, I feel like everyone now is obsessed with Gucci everything and no wonder cause they are bringing out amazing things. So, there are going to be a lot of Gucci pairs.


So so comfortable, you cannot really beat them, unless on a hot summer days when flip flops are the only logical option.

Balenciaga Race Runners – stunning trainers, love how structured they look
Gucci Ace – there are so so many awesome prints to chose from and they are all amazing
Nike Air Max Thea – a very sleek pair


There were some stunning flat releases recently and I especially love the slip ons and how easy and simple they look.

Stunning Prada
The chicest slip on there ever was
Jimmy Choo really cute flats
Jimmy Choo – velvet flats
These Gucci slip ons they are too pretty to walk in, just want to stare at them all day
And the same with these Gucci rose embroidered stunning slip ons


The comfy heel that just helps to elongate the legs that little bit more but is still very wearable everyday. And again it’s Gucci..

Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, love the heel detail
Gucci Mid-Heel loafers, those pearls on the GG!


As mentioned, heels is not something I would invest in as my cost per wear on them would be ridiculous. However, that being said, I still can appreciate a stunning looking pair and at the moment there Gucci sandals in metallic pink is perfection.

Gucci Sandals in Metallic pink

So those are my realistic pairs of shoes that I am lusting over recently, let me know which pair is your favourite.

Thank you for reading!

Lost of Love!